Why Ohashiatsu®?

I had been working as a professional shiatsu therapist for four years, when in October 2008 during a TCM seminar, on a book table amongst all kinds of acupuncture books and material, one book caught my attention. I opened it and read sentences like:

beyond_shiatsu‘While rescuing other people’s bodies, practitioners ruin their own…’

‘When you give Ohashiatsu, you get regenerated and energized because of the way your body moves…’

‘…can the practitioner really give five to ten treatments a day using these (other) techniques and practise regularly for twenty years or more?’

‘…my approach improves and preserves the giver’s body, so that he or she can continue this wonderful work for many fruitful years.’

‘Ohashiatsu is a being technique. I don’t need to do anything.’

I was delighted. This was the teacher I wanted to learn from. A man of practice who had been giving Shiatsu for 40 years, a Master in his art. I had to go find him.  Where was he? Was he teaching? In Europe?

It didn’t take me long to learn about the Ohashi Institute in New York from Google, and found his teaching schedule. In May 2009 he was to come to Paris and teach a four-days course… which I attended.

Ever since then I’ve been taking courses every year in Paris and Italy, either with Ohashi or one of his certified instructors, and eventually finnished the program. Now I’m on my way to become a Certified Ohashiatsu® Instructor myself.  In Amsterdam I’m the only person who is allowed to teach Beginning I and II levels.

Ohashiatsu ® is a wonderful bodywork method for both receivers and givers. From my own experience as a professional shiatsu therapist, giving treatments every day for ten years now, I can warmly recommand people to receive it, but also to learn.